Catching Up with Hannah at Rauland

Today was day two of telemark skiing at Rauland Ski-Sentre.  The Minnesota and Norwegian students met at the base of the mountain together with their Norwegian instructors and were advised to warm up. Then, they regrouped for a quick lesson.  The Porsgrunn School teachers, Truls and Frode, let the students know that if they wanted more instruction, they should meet with them.  The students then had the entire day to practice the telemark technique. It was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures hovering in the low 30’s.
Here are a few responses to questions posed to Hannah today:
What have you learned about Norwegian culture?
Hannah:  They eat a lot of potatoes and bread and are very healthy eaters.
What have you learned about yourself?
Hannah: I’ve learned that if I keep my mind open and be positive about things I’ll have a great time and learn and see more things that I wouldn’t have if I was negative.
What words have you learned in Norwegian?
Hannah: I have learned to say God natt (good night), God morgen (good morning), Tusen takk (a thousand thanks), Hold kjeft (shut up), New (no) and Ja (yes). And a few other bad words…

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