Velkommen til Porsgrunn!

Compiler’s note:
This blog is a record of the second Loppet – Porsgrunn exchange, designed to bring Telemark County residents to Minneapolis for the Loppet Winter Festival and to take North Minneapolis youth on a life-changing journey to Norway.
This year, 2017, we’ve sent program evaluator extraordinare and trip coordinator Maree Hampton and longtime Loppet athlete, Adventure Camp counselor, and volunteer — and North Minneapolis resident and Patrick Henry senior — Hannah Brogdon on an eight-day adventure of a lifetime.
This is their story, from MSP to the mountains of Telemark and back
We made it!  After a nearly 2 hour delay in Minneapolis – a security issue was given – we left at 10pm.  When we landed in Amsterdam, we had only 26 minutes to get to our connecting flight, so we literally ran thru the airport.  Another good reason to keep up with endurance sports 🙂
Hannah is a delight.   She asked Frode (one of our correspondents in Norway) several questions about Norway and the language as we drove to Porsgrunn – 30 minutes from Sandefjord airport.  Then she met up with Kristine and her mom, with whom she will be living for the next few days in Porsgrunn.  I will see Hannah on Monday morning as we head to the mountains.  Tomorrow night we are having dinner with Minnetonka teachers, who are also partnering with Porsgrunn school, and the other Norwegian coordinator.
But, for now, we relax for a while underneath the mountains of Telemark county — all the more tired from our little jog in Amsterdam.
IMG_0924 (1)
IMG_0927 (1)

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